Name: Laura 'Loz' Alexander | Star sign: Aries | Email:  
Born in 1991 not too far from Birmingham, UK (but not close enough to be classed as a Brummie). I was raised on the mad, manic world of classic 90's cartoons, the Renaissance era of Disney and countless hours spent watching my brother play various video games. All that soon developed my love and obsession for drawing and story telling as I copied the characters that shaped my life. Doodling and sketching my way into a degree in Illustration and Animation and graduating from Coventry University in 2013.

When not Illustrating you would find me baking up a storm in the kitchen (my cookies have been compared to Millie's I'll have you know) whilst loudly and 
badly belting out a song.
For all commissions and hiring enquiries, please contact me directly using the form below:
Thank you! I hope you have a lovely day!
To keep up to date with more art work check out my instagram and twitter
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